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KNDO TV story on Yakima crime numbers.  http://www.nbcrightnow.com/story/26852123/in-depth-crime-comparison-shows-details-of-lower-crime-rates-in-yakima







carsupcloseAuto Thief is heading to prison. Here is the KIMA TV story with the Yakima Police Department News Release\.











TwoWomenArrestedAlleged auto thieves arrested. Here is the KNDO story.









ColdCaseMurderKIMA TV News Story on two unsolved Yakima murder cases











HavocMemorialKNDO TV Story on Havoc Memorial. http://www.nbcrightnow.com/category/189473/video-center?clipId=10661822&autostart=true














YHRCVIYakima Herald Story on YPD’s Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program. http://www.yakimaherald.com/home/2542990-8/yakima-inspectors-seek-to-educate-truckers-enforce-laws










carsupcloseNewstalk KIT story on burglary prevention. http://newstalkkit.com/protect-your-home-from-burglaries-during-the-colder-season/











dexter7KIMA TV’s Story on YPD’s K-9 Unit. http://www.kimatv.com/news/local/Yakima-police-K-9-277833301.html










HomeInvasionTrailerKIMA TV’s Story on Home Invasion on 10/1/14 http://www.kimatv.com/news/local/Two-men-arrested-in-connection-with-Yakima-home-invasion-277785311.html 








Havoc1 havoc3YPD has lost K-9 Havoc in a tragic accident. Here are several stories from the Yakima Herald Republic and KNDO TV. http://www.yakimaherald.com/news/latestlocalnews/2503069-8/yakima-police-dog-havoc-dies-after-hit-by http://www.nbcrightnow.com/story/26539698/yakima-police-department-loses-another-k9-this-time-to-a-tragic-accident







carsupcloseWill Yakima Police Officers wear body cameras?  Here’s a link to a KIT Radio story asking Chief Rizzi about body cameras. http://newstalkkit.com/no-body-cameras-for-yakima-police-officers/











MendozaMajor Crime Drops in Yakima. Link to KIMA TV story. http://www.kimatv.com/news/local/Crime-rate-drops-this-summer-274839891.html










Masssage17 Arrested in massage parlor raids. Here is a link to a KAPPTV story http://www.kapptv.com/article/2014/sep/08/yakima-massage-therapists-pleased-see-closures-six/ 















Masssage1Yakima Police Raid Six local massage parlors. Here is a link to two Yakima Herald Republic Stories.















MataHomicideHere is an update on a Yakima Homicide. The link to a story by KIMA TV. http://www.kimatv.com/news/local/YPD-At-least-two-people-involved-in-death-of-elderly-Yakima-woman-273670321.html 










BrutusA former YPD canine is put down.  Here is the link to a KNDO TV story on Brutus. http://www.nbcrightnow.com/category/189473/video-center?clipId=10532675&autostart=true













Yakima Police are trying to rid the city of abandoned cars. Here is the link to a KIMA TV story.










tabletsYakima Police Motorcycle Officers now have Tablets. Link to KIMA TV’s story. http://www.kimatv.com/news/local/YPD-motorcycles-get-new-ticket-technology-272962871.html









DRE Training

Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend, but don’t be under the influence when you get behind the wheel.  Here is KNDO’S story on what law enforcement is doing to keep the roads safe. www.nbcrightnow.com/story/26389076/officers-step-up-patrols-over-labor-day-weekend











Here is KAPP TV’s Story on the DUI enforcement.http://www.kvewtv.com/video/?v=224017












The Yakima Police Departments second gang unit is making a difference. Here’s a link to a KNDO story about YPD’s effort to fight gangs. http://ow.ly/AK9s7








Block watch programs work do reduce crime. Check out this story on‪ ‎KIMATV‬http://ow.ly/AHuzs









Thanks to the ‪Yakima Chamber‬ and local businesses, the Yakima Police Department’s Special Assault Unit has a beautiful waiting area for victims and families. Check out the story on KNDO TV. http://ow.ly/Avv9k







TrucksThe Yakima Police Department is now enforcing weight limits on trucks to protect city streets. Here’s is a link for a KIMA TV story on the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement     Program.  http://www.kimatv.com/news/local/Yakima-police-enforcing-rules-for-big-rigs-within-city-limits-270694581.html










11-year old Adriel Gonzalez is the Yakima Police Departments Chief for the Day. YPD is one of 34 law-enforcement agencies taking part of the celebration in Burien. The Chief for the day is about celebrating the lives of children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic illness. Adriel, who attends Wilson Middle School and has autism, is part of the celebration put on by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.